Why Should Realtors Work With Fairview Lending?

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Why Work With Fairview Lending?

Working with a Lender: Why It’s a Good Idea for Realtors

With the real estate market as daunting as it is, especially for new and young homebuyers, a lot of Realtors are trying different things to make homebuyers a bit more comfortable. If they can do that, they’re more likely to have a new client and a new client means new business.

One thing that many Realtors don’t consider is partnering and working with a mortgage lender. It’s one of the best and most beneficial things a Realtor can do, and it actually can lead to a better business for both parties. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

1. Getting a qualified buyer fast

For Realtors, nothing can be more stressful than finding a buyer that is legitimate. For every listing, there’s always a few buyers who appear interested, but after getting a bit more serious, it turns out they weren’t for whatever reason. When a Realtor partners with a lender, it’s never easier to get a qualified buyer quickly and painlessly.

When working with a lender, you’ll be able to get buyers pre-approved and pre-qualified for loans. This will help narrow your search, focus on homes within their price range and make your time spent more efficient. In a real estate market where speed can be the name of the game, a lender can help with exactly that. Not only that, but buyers will feel more comfortable knowing that they’re pre-approved, meaning they’re more likely to buy. A win-win for both the Realtor and the lender.

2. Help with Low Credit Clients

While there are some clients that walk into the office with cash on hand, ready to put down a big down payment, there’s a lot of clients that come in with less than stellar credit. Many real estate agents automatically turn them away, but that might not be the best idea. Many buyers that have a low credit score can still qualify for certain loans, perhaps a VA loan or a FHA loan, and if they can do that, it means there’s another potential sale. When you work with a lender, you’ll be able to figure out exactly when a low credit score client can still buy a home, furthering your sales and benefiting your real estate business as a whole.

3. Better Marketing

If you’re a Realtor, there’s no doubt that you’re always marketing. Whether it be email lists, website ads, or posts in real estate magazines, a large part of being a Realtor is being a good marketer. When you partner with a lender, you’re opening up avenues that you might not have considered. In fact, a lot of the clients that a lender deals with on a daily basis may be the perfect client for a Realtor, especially in your geographic area.

Depending on the arrangement, working with a lender can be a great and cost-effective way to boost your marketing with little work on your end. Ultimately, it’s a relationship that can benefit both parties.

4. Increased Business

Perhaps the biggest advantage of partnering with a lender is the increased business. It’s no secret that referrals are a great source of clients for Realtors, and there’s nothing better than having a trustworthy lender sending clients your way.

But it’s not just referrals. Lenders can be a great way to help close many clients, especially if you get them involved early in the process. For many potential buyers, having a qualified and professional lender right there from the beginning can help establish trust and confidence in the buyer.