Saving Money by refinancing during coronavirus in Florida

Being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic is no fun but if you are fortunate enough to own a home now may be a great time to review your cost of home ownership.  Over the last few years in Florida we have seen a nice increase in home values which means most people are in a good equity position.  Having equity in a home is a great thing!

We have been helping clients review their current interest rate and what is available now for rates.  You may be able to save quite a bit on your monthly payment and may also consider taking some of the equity out of your home to use for other needs or projects.  At Fairview Lending we are happy to talk to do and see what the best option is for you. If it does not make sense to refinance we will tell you so and put you on a list to call if the rates get to a point that it does make sense.  There is no cost to call and go through options and with over (70)  5 Star Google Reviews you are in great hands.  We are here to help our community 239-829-1543 or fill out form online with the best time to call.